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Hello and Welcome to Curran Journal...the site for my book HOLDING HANDS WITH REALITY BY CURRAN JEFFERY...also the site for many new poems not included in the 2006 edition

Birth, life, death, the passing of generations, addictions, religion, faith, sex, politics, war, jobs. hurricanes, technology, reality--all of these things touch our lives and are a part of who we are. CURRAN JOURNAL records poetry and prose spanning over 50 years of observing, participating and living in these realities.

"Holding Hands with Reality," a collection from this work, has been published by Author House. 2006. For more information on this book and the opportunity to purchase, please click below or order from Amazon.com.

New poems are at the top of the drop down menu. The text of HWWR begins with "Prelude"

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Holding Hands with Reality : Poetry and Prose


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