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Hello and Welcome to Curran Journal...

Birth, life, death, the passing of generations, addictions, religion, faith, sex, politics, war, jobs. hurricanes, technology, reality--all of these things touch our lives and are a part of who we are. CURRAN JOURNAL records poetry and prose spanning over 50 years of observing, participating and living in these realities.

I am honored and humbled to have you read my efforts and hope that theses words may shine some light on all the issues we all face in this rather wacko world. I have always found poetry to a tool of inner work...and a very valuable one at that...

This site contains all the poems and prose from the 2006 edition of "Holding Hands with Reality" published by Author House plus so much more from the pages of my journals which I have kept for decades...since 16 or 17.

HHWR can be found on Amazon.com but you can read it here plus some. As you scroll down everything from "Prelude" on down is in the original volume...the newer work is all on top.

My newest "store-bought" book, "A Short History of Race in America for the Young Reader of All Ages," is available from amazon.com .

I also suggest getting one or more of my homemade chapbooks. All you have to do is ask. I give them away. "The verse things in life are free"

(although a small donation to cover the cost of ink, paper and postage is greatly appreciated. I am retired and living on a senior budget.)

You can contact me at through the "Guest BooK.
Include a post office address if you would like a copy of one of my homemade books. I will never share your address.

Thank You So Much. May the verse be with you....