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Out of large, expressionless brown
eyes peering from her small, gaunt
black face, shinning in the broiling
African sun…in her little faded,
ragged flour sack dress…
she silently stood.

Her matted hair, protruding stomach,
and starving angular, motionless body
patiently waiting, waiting, holding a
small tin sauce pan in her tiny hand.
Ironically that’s the only possession
she owns besides her little clogs made of wood.

From time to time she wipes the sweat,
flies and gnats form her cheerless face.

Only five years old and all she has ever known
is starvation, war, genocide, disease, death and
destruction. Her blameless plight, to be born in
this God forsaken place.

Like this small wretched child, thousands more all
over the world suffer these same deprivations
day in and day out.
The unanswerable question is…

Humanities’ unspoken shame!

Jackie R.Kays